Technical solutions for stage, security or lighting - for your home or your company

The product range of Monacor™ is broad and includes solutions in event technology, stage technology and an extensive range of accessories and electronic components. These include, for example, lighting technology, speaker technology, as well as cables and connectors. Thus, our focus is on professional stage technicians as well as quality seeking companies or private citizens. Our technical solutions are based on the latest developments and are proven by durable quality and reliable functionality at a reasonable price.


Permanently installed stage technology for an optimal appearance in your buildings

Monacor™ provides sophisticated products for perfect stage technology. Whether you need speakers at your trade fair, rock bands in your hall, or talk shows in your studio, we have the right sound solution for every situation. From amplifiers to high-performance signal transmission systems to high-quality public address systems, we create optimum solutions for the public and the talent. In addition, Monacor™ can provide you with modern lighting technology that perfectly brightens your stage. Like all products in our assortment, Monacor™ stage technology also benefits from the highest quality items created by professionals for professional use. So you can always rely on our sound and lighting solutions. At the same time, you're saving your budget, because despite excellent workmanship and technology, we at Monacor™ also set favorable prices.


We create tech for people who love tech

Event technology is a large part of Monacor™. But this does not exhaust our range of products for professionals, DIYers, or craftsmen. From battery charging technology to metrological devices, speaker kits, and soldering accessories, to self-assembly components, we offer a wide range of products. In short: We create tech for tech enthusiasts!

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